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Financial and management accounting

We provide:

  • Bookkeeping services for companies
  • Creation and/or implementation of accounting policy based on national standards, IFRS
  • Creation and/or adaptation of accounting policy to the company’s specificity with the consideration for charts of accounts used in the country where the parent company has its head office
  • Monthly reporting in accordance with agreed procedures and schedules
  • Preparing annual financial statements
  • Reporting to GUS (Central Office of Statistics) and to NBP (Polish National Bank)
  • Preparing tax declarations: VAT, CIT, VAT UE
  • Preparing real property tax and means of transportation tax declarations
  • Working out documentation workflow guidelines, instructions for internal control
  • Preparing the financial part of business plans and financial forecasts
  • Control of costs and cash flows
  • Preparing credit applications

Tax advisory

We provide:

  • Tax audit
  • Preparing transfer price documentation
  • Assessment of tax consequences of contracts
  • Expert opinions and interpretations of tax law
  • Representing taxpayers in their disputes with tax offices

Tax audit: it is the service whose aim is to indicate the dangers and risk areas within the field of taxes, as well as to suggest tax optimization solutions and to develop the company’s tax policy. Depending on the scope of the agreement, the tax audit may cover:

  1. Goods and services tax,
  2. Corporate and personal income taxes,
  3. Taxes paid due to international agreements,
  4. Property tax and other taxes and local charges,
  5. Other (product fee, stamp duty, excise duty, tax on civil law transactions).

Transfer pricing documentation: the obligation to prepare it arises from the Art. 9a of the Law on Corporate Income Tax. The documentation of transactions with related parties is presented at the request of the tax authority within 7 days. The regulations in force punish the absence of transfer pricing tax documentation with severe sanctions for both the company and members of its Board, including, among others, the possibility to apply the punitive tax rate of 50% if the tax control or fiscal control authorities establish that the taxable income was higher (or the loss was lower) than declared for the transactions with related parties or with parties domiciled in countries or territories considered tax havens. The documentation prepared by us takes into account the latest legislation and minimizes the tax risk.

EU VAT recovery

From 1st January 2010 the provisions of Directive 2008/9/EC of 12th February 2008 are in force; they lay down detailed rules of the value added tax refund, envisaged in Directive 2006/112/EC, to taxpayers not established in the country of refund but established in another Member State.

The refund of the VAT paid in another EU Member State may be requested by the taxpayers who used the goods or services in question for transactions that are taxable and give the right to a refund. In most EU countries the minimum amount of the refund equals to 50 Euro.

The invoices may cover, for example, purchase of fuel, tolls and parking fees, costs of participation in trade fairs, purchases of goods and fixed assets.

On behalf of the taxpayer we present to the foreign tax office, via the Polish tax office, the VAT REF form in order to recover the VAT paid abroad. The VAT-REF form is submitted in the national language or any other language accepted by the country of refund, while further correspondence is kept in the national language.

Our services cover: verification of documents, preparation of the form with annexes, providing explanations, translation, shipping of documents.


We provide:

  • Preparation of a detailed payroll that contains the items agreed with the Client
  • Keeping the records of the contributions to social security and reporting to ZUS (Social Insurance Institution)
  • Keeping the tax records and reporting to the tax office
  • Keeping the records of obligatory contributions and reporting to PFRON (National Disabled Persons Rehabilitation Fund)
  • Informing the taxpayer about the amount and deadlines of payments of social security contributions and advances on income tax
  • Preparation of annual tax declarations T-11, T-4R and T-8AR
  • Keeping the records and reporting to GUS (Central Statistical Office)
  • Preparation of salary certificates
  • Labour law consultancy
  • Preparation of work regulations, wages or Employee Benefit Fund

Routine tasks of HR/payroll administration are time consuming and require keeping track of changes in the rules and regulations. For the companies, this means additional costs of maintaining such employees.

We provide outsourcing HR/payroll services, which we render taking into consideration the current legislation and the company’s internal regulations.

On the basis of a power of attorney we can represent our Client during tax, social security or State Work Safety Inspectorate inspections.

On the basis of a power of attorney we can represent our Client during tax, social security or State Work Safety Inspectorate inspections.

We also offer additional services in support of company’s HR/payroll department:

  • Audit of HR/payroll processes and recommendations for their improvement
  • Removal of the backlog in the HR/payroll documentation
  • Preparation of corrections of reports to ZUS
  • Preparation of PIT-8C tax declarations

Financial statements auditing

We provide:

  • Audit and review of financial statements
  • Annual and interim reviews of financial statements
  • Audit and review of consolidated statements
  • Certification services resulting from the Commercial Companies Code, among others, review of transformation plans, valuation of assets and liabilities, review of merger and division plans, audit of founders’ report
  • Compilations of financial statements
  • Other certification and attestation services/li>

We specialize in audits and reviews of financial statements (including consolidated) of companies from the small and medium enterprises sector; we work in accordance with the Accounting Act and the guidelines contained in the National Standards on Auditing issued by the National Chamber of Statutory Auditors, as well as with the International Standards on Auditing. We serve companies from all over the country.

Our experts have vast experience in accounting and finance, and the quality of their services is guaranteed by our internal control system.

Auditing teams are compiled in such a way as to optimize the efficiency of the rendered service. In case of complex orders, teams of experts from various fields (lawyers, tax advisors, experts, IT specialists) are appointed. Each audit is based on a deep understanding and knowledge of the individual and the environment in which he functions. This approach ensures a fair and comprehensive audit and allows us to find the optimal and most effective solutions for diagnosed problems.

More on auditing services you will find here: Statutory auditor Bydgoszcz.

Business consulting

For already existing companies

We have been cooperating with people from various business lines and we have established working contacts with specialists from various fields. This has given us broad experience that can be used both in business and privatization areas. We can offer our Clients consultancy and additional “made-to-measure” services:

  • Due diligence
  • Company valuation
  • Accountancy and taxes training courses
  • Complete handling of company transformations
  • Preparation of corporate documentation
  • Business consultancy on e-marketing
  • Translations of financial statements into Spanish and English

We like challenges and interesting business cases. We will gladly prove that with us your business in Poland will be more efficient.

For yet-to-be-funded companies

Funding and registering a company is easy with us: we will prepare all the required documents and will describe, step by step, what is needed to be done.


Why us?

1 among the best:
We belong to:

  • The Accountants Association in Poland
  • National Council of Statutory Auditors
We use the following software:

  • Sage Symfonia
  • InsERT GT
  • Comarch Optima
2 security:

We have extra insurance for accounting
offices amounting to the value of  1  000  000  PLN!

Exponents has signed „The Bookkeeping Professionals Ethic Code”.

We ensure the safety of all your data.

3 skills and experience:

The Exponents team consists of certified accountants, statuary auditors, lawyers, tax advisors and IT specialists implementing ERP systems and accounting software.

Our team has been gaining vast experience since 1999.

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