On the market since 1999

The activity of our accounting firm is based on mathematics combined with law. We have used the word "exponent" in our name because -since most people perceive the accountancy as work with numbers- we have been looking for mathematical connotations. We would like our Clients' businesses to grow exponentially with Exponents.

We carry out the accountancy activities in Bydgoszcz since 1999, initially as a private person's accounting firm called "Marzenna Rycharska Kancelaria AUDYT biegły rewident” ("Marzenna Rycharska, AUDYT office, statutory auditor”). A growing number of clients, increase in their income and balance sheet totals made it advisable for us to transform from the previous form into a commercial law company, which took place on April 12th, 2010.

The bookkeeping operations are carried out by a group of several accountants supervised by a statutory auditor. The problems or divergences in interpretations of tax regulations are consulted with tax advisers. Our staff is also backed up by legal advisers, lawyers, notaries public, IT system consultants, business processes consultants.

We want our clients' businesses to grow exponentially together with Exponents

Our values


Our goal is to provide accurate information bearing in mind the client's managerial needs, requirements of Polish and foreign accountancy standards and tax regulations.


We believe in specialization and we have decided that the accounting firm Exponents will concentrate on services for commercial law companies with Polish and foreign capital.


Our professional abilities are confirmed by certificates and entries in the required registers. We put emphasis on professionalism and therefore we constantly improve our qualifications. For our employees and Clients we organize training courses conducted by auditors and tax advisers.


We realize how responsible the work of an accountant is: any mistake can lead managers to take wrong decisions or result in legal sanctions. The outcome of this work is presented to the Tax Offices, submitted to KRS (National Court Register), and besides is subject to tax and fiscal control during the period of 6 years after termination of the fiscal year. Thanks to a close cooperation of an accountant, lawyer, tax adviser and statutory auditor, in the accounting firm Exponents we assure the correctness of financial reports delivered to the Clients, Tax Offices and other organs.


Our work will be useful for the Clients who entrusted us with keeping their books. With our good work we would like to deserve the status of an important partner in your business. We assure confidentiality of financial and personal data and of any information or documentation provided to us by our Clients during the validity of the contract and after it has expired. Our employees and collaborators are suitably instructed and obliged to maintain the security and confidentiality procedures.


We care for good communication with the Clients. In order to facilitate the work, to each Client we dedicate an accountant specialist who is available by phone or via e-mail. We also invite you for consultations in our firm in Bydgoszcz (appointment required).


Marzenna Rycharska

The President of Exponents, statutory auditor, court-appointed expert in the field of accountancy, auditing of financial statements and documents related to company transformations. Has many years' experience gained in production, service and trade companies, including those with foreign capital, as chief accountant and chief financial officer. Specializes in transformation of companies, accountancy according to IFRS and audits of financial statements. Communicates in three foreign languages: Spanish, English and Russian.

Marta Orzechowska

Marta has been working for Exponents since 2007. She specialises in companies with foreign capital and proved herself as suberb analyst.