Tax optimization

We prepare income declarations and also help optimize revenue tax payments, so your firm can save money.

We provide

Tax audit

It is the service whose aim is to indicate the dangers and risk areas within the field of taxes, as well as to suggest tax optimization solutions and to develop the company’s tax policy. Depending on the scope of the agreement, the tax audit may cover:

  1. Goods and services tax,
  2. Corporate and personal income taxes,
  3. Taxes paid due to international agreements,
  4. Property tax and other taxes and local charges,
  5. Other (product fee, stamp duty, excise duty, tax on civil law transactions).

Transfer pricing documentation

The obligation to prepare it arises from the Art. 9a of the Law on Corporate Income Tax. The documentation of transactions with related parties is presented at the request of the tax authority within 7 days. The regulations in force punish the absence of transfer pricing tax documentation with severe sanctions for both the company and members of its Board, including, among others, the possibility to apply the punitive tax rate of 50% if the tax control or fiscal control authorities establish that the taxable income was higher (or the loss was lower) than declared for the transactions with related parties or with parties domiciled in countries or territories considered tax havens. The documentation prepared by us takes into account the latest legislation and minimizes the tax risk.


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